Good.morning quotes

Good.morning quotes


Never think Hard about the PAST

It brings tear, Don’t think more about the FUTURE

It brings fear, Live this moment called PRESENT It brings Cheers!

Sending you millions of Smiles!

Take one each morning because

I want to see you Smiling Always!

Good Morning

Have a Blessed Day!


If someone wishes you Good Morning everyday, you are happier & luckier than so many people.

Have a Great Day!

Night has ended for another day. Morning has come in a special way.

May you SMILE like the sunny rays. & Leave your worries for some other day.

Good Morning

Always Pray!

It’s the most powerful tool against worry, doubt and fear.

Good Morning

May Joy & Happiness Accompany you Today..!

GOOD MORNING Have a Great day!

Gm quotes 


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