Good morning animated Gifs

Good morning animated Gifs

Your charming smile in the morning makes me forget all the sorrows, miseries, and unnecessary troubles of my life. Whenever you wake up, you look like a seductive and stunning damsel who just wants nothing but unconditional love and reckless life. You are my goddess, you are my enchantress, you are the mushy little love of my life. May you be forever youthful, cheerful, and smiling.

Not a single morning passes when I don’t roll on the bed here and there in your longing. You are like a morning coffee to me without which I can’t function or better say, ceases to exist. My love for you is not momentarily. It is a forever kind of love that only ends with my demise. Till the last breath.

Birthday wishes 

What a beautiful morning it is to love, live, and laugh. On this lovely morning, I can feel your mesmerizing fragrance in the air which is pushing to the brink of madness in your love. What I love about personality is you accept a person with all the flaws, limitations, and vices. Yet, you m33anage to love me with all your heart and every fiber of your body. I can’t stop thinking about you and I can’t stop drooling over when you are near me.

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